The term technology refers to as the collections of tools,machinery and the application of knowledge in order to manipulate and change the environment. Technology has developed very much for the last years and it’s progress has come with many benefits to help people in making work easier in their day to day activities. Many people argue that technology is sometimes costly and hence it limits its use to places where it is unreachable. Technology has made networking easier, it has lowered the cost of production and it has made movement from one place to another easier.

Technology has several benefits which includes: Improvement of healthcare sector through thorough medical research and the discovery of drugs that helps in treating and prevention of many dangerous diseases and disorders. Medical research has highly advanced and medical records are easy to maintain and study disease symptoms so as to carry out experiments all thanks to technology. Communication between the patients and the doctors have been made easier,flexible and more personal. The introduction of new medicines have helped in the reduction of diseases while medical research has been advanced compared to the days when there was no technology. The other benefit of technology to the human health is that the cost of medical operations and procedures have become cheaper and affordable Mr. Hope.

Education technology.
11470960294_45b12f3479_mA new learning environment in schools and universities have been opened up by technology by easily obtaining knowledge from the Internet to help students learn. Children who requires special needs can learn as well through the use of the internet. Learning has come to been promoted and enhanced since the students can pick their own timetable with ease, and set their own educational targets. Learning abroad has been made easier hence leading to the high number of people who receives education. Online education and e-learning has simplified education for students to receive up close and personal attention so as to cater for the specific needs of the person. Exams and queries responses have been made easier through the introduction of modern day technology in the education sector. Computers,iPhone,laptops tablets and technology in schools and universities has improved and led to the creation of new methods of teaching.

Communication technology.
Technology have made networking and communication easier through blogging and and the social media by opening a a new world to people so that they can be able communicate with their friends from long and distant remote places. Benefits of communication technology is that communication with family and friends more personal and easier which also can be made from any place in the country, improved video,audio quality and news broadcasting has advanced and made personal. Response is immediate and faster as well.

Business technology.
Modern and latest technology has made companies grow and become more profitable all thanks to the introduction of latest and advanced machinery and equipments. This growth has led to the rise and improved living standards of people. Invention of groundbreaking technology has been promoted through research and development. Important company’s documents and files are stored and easily accessed hence increasing the growth of the businesses.